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Carbon Laser Facial

The Carbon laser facial is suitable for most skin types it is ideal for:

  • Removing excessive oil & sebum
  • Refining and minimising enlarged pores
  • Helping pigment & hyperpigmentation damage
  • Lessening the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reducing live acne & post-acne scars

If you are looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment to make your skin look and feel Hollywood red carpet ready then the Carbon laser facial is definitely for you!

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Is the carbon facial the same as the carbon spectra peel and Hollywood peel?

The carbon facial goes by many names so it can get confusing!. But don’t worry they are exactly the same treatment. The most popular terms you may have heard are :

  • Hollywood Peel
  • Carbon Spectra Peel
  • Carbon Laser Facial
  • Charcoal Facial

The Carbon facial is a fairly gentle treatment. No harsh formulas or abrasive scrubbing tools are involved. So no adverse chemical reactions or a lengthy recovery time. Also, unlike other peels, there is no flaking or bleeding.

Carbon Facial benefits:
  • Exfoliate the skin resulting in plumper and firmer skin
  • Deeply cleanse the face removing excessive oil
  • Stimulate collagen
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Improve your skin tone, texture & radiance
  • Reduce the 7 signs of ageing
STAGE 1 – Carbon Nano-Particles Applied

The procedure takes about 45 minutes starting with the therapist attaching eye protectors to you. A face mask of activated charcoal or carbon powder is prepared and delicately applied to your face. Once applied, it will look like you are wearing a mud mask!

STAGE 2 – Shattering dirt & epidermal keratinocytes

The laser passes over your skin on the Spectra setting emitting pulses which heat thin layers of collagen and skin tissue. The carbon absorbs heat then transfers the heat so it penetrates deep into your skin.

Laser energy works to break up any pigment, which is carried away by your body naturally. It also helps to stimulate the build-up of collagen which minimises fine lines.

STAGE 3 – Stimulating the skin cells regeneration

The laser then goes over your skin in the Q-switch mode lightly exfoliating your skin. You will hear a soft snapping noise as the carbon is blasted off the skin. You may feel a light tingling. This superficial peeling removes excessive sebum, exfoliates the upper layer of skin and unclogs pores.

STAGE 4 – New collagen and elastin production

The final pass is made over your face to ensure all the carbon is removed. The frequency of the laser is increased again to ensure all the carbon has been vaporised.

The laser blasts microscopic holes into your skin which helps promote collagen growth and killing any live bacteria which can improve acne. For acne scarring we would recommend stronger treatments.

Spectra Laser Peel is a safe treatment that is performed on thousands of men and women each year. It is recommended that you consult your practitioner regarding any concerns that you may have.

The treatment takes around 30 minutes with effects noticeable immediately. You’ll notice brighter skin and it will feel smoother and softer then it has done in a long time.

You can speak to the clinic to discuss your requirements, but most people can benefit from this treatment. This includes men and women and different skin types. It is a good ‘pick-me-up’ treatment for the party season.

You may experience some redness due to the laser heat but this usually settles down after few hours.

The carbon peel is recommended once every 4 to 6 weeks depending on your skin concerns and to continue the cell regeneration.

At Premier Laser & Skin Clinic we offer a free skin analysis and consultation. Your experienced practitioner will assess your skin and go over the treatment in detail and see if the Carbon facial peel is for you.

The treatment can be performed on the same day as your consultation and takes 45 minutes.

Once cell regeneration is started, to keep improving the skin, the best way would be to commit to a series of treatments. Three to five treatments over two to three months with a top-up treatments twice a year would give you the best results.

The Carbon facial Peel is a completely safe skin treatment. It Is gentle compared to other treatments as no harsh chemicals are used or scrubbing. If you wear make up it can be applied immediately after your treatment. There are no reports of any adverse skin complications or painful side effects.

After the treatment you may notice slight redness and some tingling which should fade afterwards.

It can be used safely on all skin types.

If you want to see long term improvements we would recommend 6 to 10 sessions of carbon laser facial. For milder issues 3 to 5 sessions can be sufficient. Treatments are spaced out 2 to 4 weeks apart for best results.

Yes you can apply make up straight after although we would recommend you wait for a couple of hours to ensure the make up does not irritate the skin.

The carbon particles penetrate the pores, exploding as they absorb the laser energy. Collagen production is stimulated, causing shrinking of the inner walls of the pores.

The light exfoliation effect is immediate and as soon as the treatment is over your skin should feel  clean with pores cleared. There should be no peeling as experienced with other chemical peels and treatments.

A Hollywood Peel is also known as a carbon laser facial, carbon peel, charcoal laser peel and carbon spectra laser peel! So it can get confusing! Whatever you prefer to call, it is a carbon laser treatment used for a number of different skin issues. It can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, even out and improve skin tone, repair sun damage and treat enlarged pores and acne.

Activated carbon can remove deep-seated debris from the skin along with being excellent for treating oily skin. Carbon is well known as a detoxifying agent for the skin. Activated carbon is easily absorbed and removes impurities, dirt and pollution particles from the skin.

Laser treatments are generally more effective. They can also tackle more serious skin conditions from sun damage to brown spots or scarring. Skin texture can also benefit from the use of laser, which can tighten and smooth skin.

Area Single Session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions
Face £200 £540 £1000
Face & Neck £250 £675 £1250