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Facial Glossary

Discover the perfect facial for your skin with our comprehensive guide! Navigating through a variety of treatments can be daunting, but our simplified breakdown of key points, prices, downtime, and effectiveness will make the decision-making process seamless.

Choosing Your Perfect Treatment

Welcome to our comprehensive guide designed to simplify your journey in choosing the perfect facial for your specific skin concerns. Amidst a plethora of aesthetic treatments, deciphering which one suits you best can be overwhelming. Our guide provides clarity by highlighting key points, including treatment effectiveness, strength, associated prices, and downtime. We aim to demystify complex terminology, ensuring you make an informed decision about the ideal facial for your unique needs. For more personalized guidance, we invite you to experience a complimentary skin analysis using our advanced skin analysis machine. Our team of skilled professionals will craft a tailored treatment guide, offering expert recommendations to address your individual skincare concerns. Elevate your skincare journey with confidence at our House of Aesthetics.

Azeliac Acid Peel Mesoaesthetic Rosacea / Acne None 6/10 £150
Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel → Melasma / Age & Sun Spots /

Hyperpigmentation / Post Acne Scarring

3-4 Weeks 10/10 £1000
Dermalux → All Skin Concerns None 5/10 £50
Dermapen Microneedling → Post Acne Scarring / Textured Skin /

Strech Marks / Overall Rejunevation

4 Days 7/10 £220
Herbal Green Peel Classic → Hyperpigmentation / Acne Scarring / Skin with Texture

5 Days 7/10 £292
Hydrafacial → All Skin Concerns None 5/10 £125
Jessner Tebi Skin Peel Cystic Acne / Pigmentation 5-7 Days 7/10 £150
Mandelic Acid Tebi Skin Peel Rosacea / All Skin Concerns None 6/10 £150
Morpheus8 → Ageing Skin with Laxity Problems / Acne Scarring /

Stretch Marks / Collagen Stimulation

4 Days 9/10 from £450
Photo Fabulous (Resurfex & IPL) Alll Skin Concerns / Redness /

Pigmentation / Retexturising

4 Days 8/10 £250
Resurfex Complete Skin Rejuvenation 7-10 Days 10/10 from £225
Salicylic Acid Tebi Skin Peel Congested Acne / Oily Skin 4 Days 6/10 £150
Microneedling with Plasma → All Skin Types / Collagen Stimulation with

Natural Growth Factors

4 Days 7/10 £170

Complimentary Consultation with Advanced Analysis at House of Aesthetics

New clients are encouraged to participate in a free consultation prior to their treatment at House of Aesthetics. This includes a session with our advanced skin analysis machine, providing insight into what’s happening beneath your skin’s surface. Whether focusing on skin or hair, the consultation involves a thorough assessment, potentially including a patch test. Our consultants will engage in a discussion about your skin goals, working collaboratively to create a personalized treatment plan that precisely aligns with your unique skin needs. Our skilled skin experts are dedicated to tailoring an effective plan tailored to your goals and individual requirements.

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