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Unwanted excess hair can be frustrating. Electrolysis aims at removing these unwanted hairs to enable you further freedom and confidence in your body.

Electrolysis differs from other hair removal methods in that it tackles each hair on an individual basis. Though this is a longer and more delicate method, its thoroughness is what enables permanent hair removal. Electrolysis works by sending a current from a metal probe down each individual hair, a combination of this electrical current and a chemical reaction kills it at its root, thereby stopping any regrowth.

Skin and hair type do not in any way influence electrolysis treatment, this is because electrolysis tackles each hair individually by sending a current directly into the root. With laser or IPL, the skin and hair colour must be sufficiently dissimilar to enable differentiation by the machine and is why those treatments do not work on lighter coloured hair, such a white-blond and grey.

  • Suitable for white, ginger and grey hairs
  • Ideal for sparse sporadic hairs
  • Not Suitable for darker skin types
Single X6 X12
15min £45 £225 £450
30min £60 £300 £600
45min £75 £375 £750
60min £90 £450 £900