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Procedure Time

30-60 minutes



Expected Results


Side Effects

Minor Redness

Results Duration

12 Months

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What is IPL?

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a versatile skin rejuvenation therapy that utilises broad wavelength light pulses to address various skin imperfections.

Unlike laser-based technologies, IPL emits scattered light, providing comprehensive coverage over the treatment area.

This non-invasive procedure is suitable for treating rosacea, age spots, freckles, acne, and more.

What does IPL treat?

Stellar M22

Achieve Your Skin Goals with Stellar M22

Stellar IPL

Stellar IPL - Targeted Solutions

Our Stellar IPL system features nine filters designed to precisely target specific skin concerns, including benign epidermal pigmented lesions, benign cutaneous vascular lesions, and mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Whether you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation or vascular issues, our Steller IPL treatments offer effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Q-Switched ND:YAG

Q-Switched ND:YAG - Precision Treatment

With the QS Nd:YAG module of the Stellar M22 system, we specialise in removing dark tattoos and treating pigmented lesions. This advanced technology delivers selective photo-mechanical/photo-acoustic effects, ensuring precise and effective results for our clients.


ResurFX - Revitalise Your Skin

Experience the transformative effects of the 1565nm ResurFX laser, indicated for skin resurfacing procedures, treatment of dyschromia, periorbital wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, and more. Our ResurFX treatments offer targeted solutions for achieving smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I get IPL?

Usually we say 4-6 weeks between sessions to allow skin to completely rejuvenate. IPL can be combined alongside some other treatments to maximise results.

Does IPL hurt?

Very few of our clients find IPL to be painful and even then, it’s usually only minor. Post-treatment, you may experience warm and pink skin (similar to a mild sunburn) but the effects of this should wear down in a matter of hours. Our practitioners will apply a soothing Aloe Vera gel to help reduce this side effect almost immediately.

Can I use IPL anywhere on my body?

Just about. IPL can be used nearly on all areas of the body, the only areas we don’t recommend using IPL is uneven areas where it may prove to be less effective. We also recommend that clients who have darker skin tones or thick keloid scars should seek alternate treatment.

How long does IPL last?

IPL should last for a number of years provided that you maintain a sensible skincare regime and regularly protect yourself from excessive sun exposure.

What does IPL stand for?

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. It is a type of light therapy used to a number of skin conditions.

How should I prepare for IPL?

Before your IPL treatment your practitioner will examine your skin and let you know what to expect. Let them know if you have any skin conditions which could affect healing such as acne or eczema.

They may ask you to avoid certain activities, medications or products for:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Tanning beds
  • Waxing
  • Chemical peels
  • Collagen injections
  • Drugs that increase bleeding risk, like aspirin or ibuprofen
  • Creams/ products containing vitamin A, such as RetinA, or glycolic acid


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