Laser Thread Vein Removal

Immediate and permanent thread vein removal

Fast & effective

Treats body and face

Costs as little as £50

Procedure Time

30-60 minutes



Expected Results

2-3 sessions

Results Duration


Side Effects

Minor swelling & bruising

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What is Laser Thread Vein Removal?

Thread veins (which are also called “spider veins”) are small blood vessels that can be seen under the skin and are usually red, blue or purple in colored. They are made more visible under the skin as the vessels have twisted or turned and as such have become dilated. Thread veins are usually most prominent in the legs, chin and chest.


We use the latest technology to reduce thread veins safely and effectively. Our laser technology effectively cauterises the veins (essentially cutting off blood supply) without damaging the surrounding skin or tissue. Once the vein has its blood supply cut off, it is absorbed by the body naturally and the appearance of the thread veins is reduced. If you suffer from larger thread veins, our practitioner team might recommend a different but more effective course of action for the best results.



Single Session Pkg of 3 (Receive 10% off) Pkg of 6 (Buy 5+1 free)
Small £75 £202.50 £375
Medium £100 £270 £500
Large £170 £459 £850
X-Large £220 £594 £1,100


Frequently asked questions

What does thread vein removal feel like?

The majority of our clients feel no pain or discomfort. However, some do experience a mild stinging sensation during the treatment but this usually subsides shortly after.

Is thread vein removal safe?

Thread vein removal with a laser is completely safe. Our laser technology only targets the vein and does no harm to the surrounding skin or tissue.

How long does laser thread vein removal last?

Results depend on the individual but we usually expect to see 2-3 treatments taken over the course of 3-5 weeks deliver the best results and ensures that the veins are no longer visible.

Will laser therapy work on my leg veins?

Although there is no way to tell for sure which veins will respond, a consultation with our experienced practitioners to evaluate and assess your veins will help to determine if you could benefit.

Prior surgery or treatment on your veins could affect the treatment outcome. In some cases, further testing may be recommended to determine if there are underlying venous problems.