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House of aesthetics use a variety of methods each of which is specifically aiming to give the best results in each individual acne scar. Not one single method is perfect for all types of acne scars. We look at all 3 type of scaring differently and formulate a bespoke treatment to get the best result in the appearance of reducing the scars and getting your skin back to a health natural looking glow.

Box Scar:

Box scars are deep and wide scars that look like a box (hence the name) 

Ice Pick Scar:

Ice pick scars are deep and narrow and very much looking like a large open pores.

Rolling Scars:

Rolling scars are continuous scaring with uneven depth to the area making the skin look uneven and textured.

Acne 35
Dark skn acne

Most people could see acne scars when they finally treat the acne on their body. This risk of getting acne scars may increase when the person:

  • Has inflammatory (reddish, swollen, and painful) acne: The may be acne cysts and nodules. This is the type of acne that penetrates into the deeper part of the skin and causing damages to the skin. Reluctant in treating inflammatory acne. The more time you leave the inflammatory acne, the higher the risk of becoming an acne scar.
  • Picks, squeezes, or pops acne. This also increases inflammation that in turn increases the risk to form a scar.
    Has a family member that developed acne scars. There is some form of genetic involvement in acne scar formation.

Predicting who will develop acne scars is a difficult task. Even if we now know the risk factors for the development of acne scars. Those who are said to be at risk may not develop acne scars.

It is possible to prevent acne scars by treating acne effectively. Do not wait until acne becomes severe before you get it treated, it might lead to serious scarring.

Recommended Treatments

The Dermapen Skin Needling System has been proven to stimulate collagen production, enhancing the skin’s ability to repair itself in areas that may not be looking their best. The procedure takes the concept of micro skin needling, a form of collagen induction therapy, to a new level, by delivering multiple, vertical needles rapidly to a localized area of the skin. The procedure leads to increased collagen production, which effectively reduces acne scars and renews tired-looking skin.

Morpheus8 is an innovative therapy that utilizes a handheld device equipped with dermal needles that simultaneously emits RF technology. The needles create micro-injuries in the skin to prompt natural tissue regeneration, and the heat-like energy encourages collagen production. As the skin heals, new dermal cells form, diminishing the appearance of harsh acne scars.

Chemical Ingredients effectively work an anti bacterial, excess oil absorption and dead exfoliation. Find out more.