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My Cosmelan Journey


My Cosmelan Journey

A Transformative Experience at House of Aesthetics

Embarking on a journey to address my skin concerns was not a decision I took lightly. As I navigated through my 40s, the signs of aging became more apparent, and the dark patches on my skin, a souvenir of sun-drenched days, seemed more pronounced. It was during a complimentary skin analysis and consultation at House of Aesthetics that I was introduced to a solution I hadn’t considered before: the Cosmelan treatment by Mesoesthetics.

Cosmelan Consultation

I was no stranger to facials, having indulged in various treatments over the years, but the promise of Cosmelan was different. It wasn’t just a facial; it was a commitment to revitalise my skin deeply and address pigmentation at its core. The experts at House of Aesthetics were clear: while a HydraFacial would offer temporary respite, only a dedicated treatment like Cosmelan could deliver the smoother, younger-looking skin I yearned for.

Prep Routine

The journey began with preparation. Armed with a selection of creams provided by the clinic, I embarked on a twice-daily routine to prime my skin for what was to come. This preparatory phase was crucial, setting the stage for the treatment’s efficacy.

Two weeks later, the first major step of the process unfolded with the Melanostop Peel. Surprisingly, this felt akin to the facials I was accustomed to, a gentle introduction to the more intensive phase that awaited.

Cosmelan Pack

Cosmelan Facial

The real challenge came with the Cosmelan facial itself. Securing a morning appointment was a tip I was grateful for, as the mask that followed had to adorn my face for 12 hours. Its appearance was startling, a stark reminder of the journey I had embarked on.

The days that followed tested my resolve. The prescribed skincare routine was rigorous, involving a sequence of 6-8 creams applied three times daily. It was a demanding regimen, but the Fast Repair cream emerged as a hero, soothing the inevitable soreness and facilitating the healing process.

Cosmelan Facial

After Cosmelan Treatment

The initial phase was marked by intense peeling and discomfort, particularly around the more delicate areas of my face. Yet, as the weeks passed, the transformation became evident. The dark patches that had once seemed indelible began to fade, revealing a clearer, more youthful complexion beneath.

By the four-week mark, the change was undeniable. My skin was not only smoother but also free of the pigmentation that had prompted my journey. But the journey didn’t end there. To sustain these remarkable results, a continued skincare routine, morning and night, was essential. The commitment was long-term, extending over six months to ensure the pigmentation did not return.

After Cosmelan Treatment

The Overall Experience

Reflecting on my Cosmelan journey, it’s clear that this was no ordinary treatment. It demanded dedication, both from me and the skilled professionals at House of Aesthetics. The process was intense, with moments that tested my patience and resilience. Yet, as I look at my reflection today, I see not just the absence of pigmentation but a radiance that speaks to the profound efficacy of Cosmelan.

For anyone considering this treatment, my advice is clear: prepare for a journey that is as challenging as it is rewarding. The downtime is significant, making it ill-suited for the eve of a major event. But for those willing to embrace the process, the results are not just amazing—they’re transformative.

Cosmelan Before After

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